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Mosquitoes that transmit malaria bite between dusk and dawn. Prevent mosquito bites by staying indoors during this time. If out-of-doors, wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and a hat. Apply insect repellent to exposed skin only; do not use under clothing.

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  • What countries is malaria found in?

    The highest transmission is found in Africa South of the Sahara and in parts of Oceania such as Papua New Guinea. In cooler regions, transmission will be less intense and more seasonal.
  • What countries require a malaria vaccine?

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  • How does malaria spread?

    Malaria spreads when a mosquito becomes infected with the disease after biting an infected person, and the infected mosquito then bites a noninfected person. The malaria parasites enter that person's bloodstream and travel to the liver. When the parasites mature, they leave the liver and infect red blood cells
  • Is malaria in Europe?

    Malaria reservoirs have been eradicated in Europe since the 20th century, which currently experiences only imported cases. However, according to historical texts and medical, paleomicrobiology and paleogenetic data, malaria may have played a key role in the history of past Europeans.